mLearning DevCon

Lernia’s Marge Rutter  will be presenting Session 3 & Session 17 at the mLearning DevCon in Philadelphia from October 3-5, 2012. mLearning DevCon’s focus is on mobile learning development and strategy. Learn mobile learning technologies, how to overcome barriers in development and tools that can help accomplish what you need. mLearning DevCon is the “How To” instructional design and development mobile learning conference. Lernia’s Marge Rutter will be leading a session on “Is Flash the Answer?” and a session on “The Mobile Mindset”.

Drug Information Association (DIA)

Jill Huentelman, Armand Spoto and Elena Coarse will be at  DIA’s Annual Conference in Philadelphia from June 24-28th, 2012.  DIA is designed for individuals involved in the discovery, development, and life cycle management of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and related products. This year’s conference is focusing on collaboration to innovate as a key component. At this year’s conference, Lernia will be showcasing our service offerings and products in the Exhibit Hall, Booth 2944. For more information regarding DIA 2012, please visit

eLearning DevCon

Lernia’s Jennifer Celano will be attending eLearning DevCon in Salt Lake City, UT on June 6-8, 2012.  The event is for eLearning developers around the nation. The conference offers eLearning development sessions to immediately enhance abilities. Jennifer will be speaking on June 6th at 10:20 am on “Ensuring Effective Synchronous eLearning”. Jennifer will discuss the fundamental requirements for effective and engaging Synchronous eLearning sessions. Attendees will leave the session with list of “Effective Synchronous eLearning” action items including: analysis and design considerations for Synchronous eLearning; development tips for a “learning experience” (not a content presentation); and facilitation techniques that capture learner attention and support knowledge retention.

Society of Quality Assurance

Society of Quality Assurance will focus on regulatory-based topics in manufacturing, preclinical, and clinical research areas. Lernia’s Jill Huentelman will be co-speaking at this conference in Miami, Florida on Thursday, April 26th at 10:30AM, in a session titled “Multi-dimensional Process Mapping: Once Company’s Roadmap to Promoting Compliance Through Effective Process Navigation.”

Association of Clinical Research Professionals (ACRP)

Jeremy Coopersmith and Armand Spoto (program presenter) will be attending the
ACRP 2011 meeting in Houston, TX on April 14-17, 2012.  ACRP attracts more than 2,000 clinical research professionals. These clinical research professionals work in all job functions of the clinical research team. Lernia’s Armand Spoto will be leading a session on “Elements of a Successful Compliance Training Program”. Lernia will also be showcasing our service offerings and products in the Exhibit Hall, Booth 710. For more information on this conference, please visit

CBI’s Clinical Trial Management Systems (CTMS)

On March 22-23, 2012, Jill Huentelman and Jeremy Coopersmith will be attending CBI CTMS in Philadelphia, PA.  The Conference is attended by professionals from the pharmaceutical, biotech and CRO industries who are involved in Clinical Data Management, Clinical Operations, Regulations and Compliance, Contracting, and Clinical Systems and Development. This conference features industry discussions and collaboration among various CTMS stakeholders. CBI CTMS focuses on the challenges of integrating CTMS systems both within the organization as well as external systems.