Society of Quality Assurance

Society of Quality Assurance will focus on regulatory-based topics in manufacturing, preclinical, and clinical research areas. Lernia’s Jill Huentelman will be co-speaking at this conference in Miami, Florida on Thursday, April 26th at 10:30AM, in a session titled “Multi-dimensional Process Mapping: Once Company’s Roadmap to Promoting Compliance Through Effective Process Navigation.”

Association of Clinical Research Professionals (ACRP)

Jeremy Coopersmith and Armand Spoto (program presenter) will be attending the
ACRP 2011 meeting in Houston, TX on April 14-17, 2012.  ACRP attracts more than 2,000 clinical research professionals. These clinical research professionals work in all job functions of the clinical research team. Lernia’s Armand Spoto will be leading a session on “Elements of a Successful Compliance Training Program”. Lernia will also be showcasing our service offerings and products in the Exhibit Hall, Booth 710. For more information on this conference, please visit