About Our Company

About Us

Founded in 2000, Lernia Training Solutions specializes in the creation, delivery, and management of learning for the life science industry. We design customized training programs for companies of all sizes in order to help them meet regulatory requirements and have their employees equipped with working knowledge of the subject matter at hand.

Core Values

Lernia’s core values are fundamental to the way we do business.  We strive always to:

  • Live Honestly
  • Go the Extra Mile
  • Respect Our Clients, Each Other and Ourselves
  • Take Ownership
  • Take the Initiative
  • Show Agility
  • Work in a Spirit of Teamwork

Why Lernia

Industry Acumen:  Lernia has extensive knowledge of the life sciences and pharmaceutical industries. 

Advocate for the Learner: The learners – your employees – are at the forefront of our minds. Lernia’s primary goal is to ensure that every learner is equipped with the required knowledge and competency. 

Training Expertise: Lernia has extensive experience in both web-based and classroom training, and we can take your project from planning to delivery.

Resourcefulness:  Using our creativity and determination, Lernia delivers using the resources at hand. Whatever the budget, whatever the timeline, we work quickly, efficiently and accurately to deliver your project – on time and within budget.

Adaptability:  For over 10 years, Lernia has been customizing training solutions specific to your needs and company culture.


To learn more about our training solutions we invite you to explore our services and products. Contact us to request additional information or to have a conversation with one of our consultants.