System Application Testing

Pharmaceutical employees utilize software in their daily course of business. Lernia Training Solutions' customized training programs are based on tailoring software applications to your company's business processes. Our approach reduces your implementation time by eliminating the need to train employees twice - once on the core system and again with configurations specific to your company. We enable your company to gain efficiencies in your software implementations by using a proven methodology that ensures new business processes and technology are taught together in training.


We offer combined support for business process implementations that include system application changes. When a new or upgraded technology solution is implemented, we develop, refine and execute a training strategy to reach your target audiences.


We focus on the effects that the new technology solution has on your end users. By participating during the IT development cycle, we are able to create custom training and an overall strategy that is aligned with your company's technical environment and that promotes user adoption.


We provide the following training support:

  • "Defect" testing assistance with recommendations for targeted system functionality
  • Script execution assistance for user acceptance and performance qualification testing
  • User acceptance training for UAT staff (testers) on the execution of UAT
  • Facilitation of usability sessions (focus groups)
  • Management of scenario data in the training environment to support role-specific process and applications training
  • Creation of role-based training that integrates business process information and IT-specific requirements, such as computer functionality