Business Process Training

A successful business process implementation requires your employees to become familiar with, and capable of managing, the process as well as their roles and responsibilities within the process. Your employees must be able to comprehend the interrelated changes that occur throughout your company and the impact these changes will have on their jobs.


Lernia Training Solutions offers support in the following key areas of business process training:

  • Business Process Mapping
    We work with key project team members and subject matter experts at different levels to design and co-facilitate working sessions. These business process maps are leveraged as part of the core content we use to develop your training materials.

  • Communication Strategy
    We partner with key stakeholders and business teams to construct messages and to ensure the appropriate channels are used to reach your target audiences.

  • Training Development and Delivery
    For the initial implementation and ongoing needs, we develop and deliver customized, role-based training for your target audiences.