Traceability is the new buzz word in agriculture. Ecoli, listeria, Mad Cow Disease, botulism and bioterrorism have created a huge demand for traceability in our food system. Growing awareness from consumers about where our food comes from, what it has been treated with and it’s genetic make-up has also driven this trend.

The purpose of a tracking system for farmers is not much different than that of similar systems used by manufacturing companies. It enables the farmer to trace their final product from the customer back to the field and original materials (seeds) it came from. The same process is necessary in any type of manufacturing environment in any industry. Traceability gives customers confidence that a product’s total lifecycle is being managed and tracked. Should there be an incident, the entire history of that product is readily available.

Lernia assists agricultural companies that are implementing Track and Trace initiatives. We enable organizations to train personnel in field operations, processing, transfer, and packaging. We also prepare senior management staff regarding the changes required to address the compliance and IT challenges of a global Track and Trace initiative.

Traceability Overview Course – eLearning

Lernia Training Solutions is currently working on an eLearning module that introduces agricultural colleagues to the concept of traceability. The 20-minute module will help you become familiar with the dynamics involved for the agricultural supply chain industry, and key considerations that an organization should know when implementing the traceability systems and procedures.

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Recognize the origin and historical timeline of Food and Safety regulations for agricultural manufacturers
  • Provide an overview of the agricultural supply chain
  • Identify key Traceability principles and compliance deadlines for implementation of traceability in your organization
  • Discuss key considerations when planning the adoption of traceability procedures and procedures for your company

Traceability eLearning Sample

The following eLearning sample contains access to select topics in the Traceability module. Please note that the audio narration has been disabled for proprietary reasons.

Traceability eLearning sample

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