Training Delivery

We are in a “want it my way” society where learners have immediate access to knowledge-based content at their virtual fingertips. This mindset has created a consumer demand where learners want meaningful content delivered to them in the most effective, relevant, and convenient way possible. There are four generations of learners in today’s workplace – from millennials to baby boomers — and each has their own general way of how they want to learn. Customization of course design and delivery methods helps to increase learner engagement, which inevitably increases learner retention.

Based on your organization’s business-centric learning objectives, culture, and budget, Lernia can customize your learning solution with one or several of the following approaches.

Lernia is able to:

  • Blend the learning experience into truncated learning components such as virtual delivery, eLearning, coaching, and informal content
  • Integrate video and other visual components into the training course
  • Design and develop training for mobile phone, tablet, or laptop
  • Facilitate live or virtual instructor-led training courses
  • Convert classroom training to a digital format
  • Ensure a consistent training delivery through train-the-trainer sessions and tailored facilitator guides
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Lernia can create and deliver Instructor-Led courses on your organization’s most complex topics. Our trainers excel at breaking down and explaining complicated compliance concepts and system functionality to all audience levels.

We deliver high quality training to your employees through:

  • Teaching system functionality and the related business processes
  • Facilitating courses to ensure maximum “hands-on” approach
  • Conducting Train-the-Trainer and knowledge transfer sessions
  • Training new hires
  • Evaluating training effectiveness through the use of training metrics

Lernia designs and develops dynamic and customized eLearning courses to align with strategic business objectives. All of our SCORM and AICC compliant courses are programmed to run seamlessly on any Learning Management System (LMS). Our interactive courses engage your employees through lesson knowledge checks, simulations, process scenarios and scored assessments.

We use the leading industry tools and applications to ensure your training is state-of-the-art, practical, and user-focused. Our eLearning approach pays strict attention to detail, focuses on results, and ensures your organization maximizes the return on investment.

Bring your own device (BYOD) has become a popular term that communicates the growing trend of allowing learners to utilize their own device during the training experience. Innovation in mobile device technologies have made it affordable for virtually all workers to have an electronic device, whether it’s a mobile phone, tablet, or laptop. Each of these technologies is a learning device and that means knowledge-based content can be delivered to the learner wherever they may be.

Lernia’s instructional designers are focused on developing content that can be configured to any device the learner chooses to use, and ensuring the experience of consumption meets various learning styles.

Lernia creates audience-appropriate, written training documentation for your organization by:

  • Working with your subject matter experts to design the required training materials:
    • User manuals
    • Instructor/facilitator manuals
    • Reference materials
    • Data handling guidelines
    • Job aids
    • Quick reference guides
  • Developing training outlines with appropriate version control and document management guidelines
  • Designing training materials in a clear and concise format that is appropriate for all employee levels