About Lernia

Founded in 2000, Lernia Training Solutions specializes in the creation, delivery, and management of learning for the life science industry. We design customized training programs for companies of all sizes in order to help them meet regulatory requirements and have their employees equipped with working knowledge of the subject matter at hand. 

Why Lernia?


Using our creativity and determination, Lernia delivers using the resources at hand. Whatever the budget, whatever the timeline, we work quickly, efficiently and accurately to deliver your project – on time and within budget.

Advocate for the Learner

The learners – your employees – are at the forefront of our minds. Lernia’s primary goal is to ensure that every learner is equipped with the required knowledge and competency. 

Training Expertise

Lernia has extensive experience in
both web-based and classroom training, and we can take your project from
planning to delivery.

Industry Acumen

Lernia has extensive knowledge of the life sciences and pharmaceutical industries.


For over 10 years, Lernia has been customizing training solutions specific to your needs and company culture.

Lernia’s core values are fundamental to the way we do business. We strive always to:

  • Live Honestly
  • Go the Extra Mile
  • Respect Our Clients, Each Other and Ourselves
  • Take Ownership
  • Take the Initiative
  • Show Agility
  • Work in a Spirit of Teamwork


Working with Jill and her team from SOW to actual delivery of the training was a great experience.Their ability to master our application environment and create the training materials in a short timeframe was impressive. . . Our Project Managers were very happy about the course provided, and most important, they all walked away with valuable knowledge on the software that allowed them to start utilizing the application. Great job, Lernia!

Sophy L.

We recently completed a very important exercise [where we] conducted a production process simulation to glean information and feedback on the user experience, as well as training and business support materials. Karen led the training work stream and Marge supported her efforts. This included a comprehensive web-based training, a plethora of job aids and instructor-led training (virtual). Both Karen and Marge are to be commended for their commitment and hard work on the overall program and production process simulation…. We appreciate their efforts and value their commitment to the success of the program.

Jennifer M.

Lernia did an excellent job. Your team handled the ambiguity very professionally. You helped shape and adjust the agenda, as the content and participant list came into focus. The deck and migration macro handout were on target, informative and succinct. You guys rolled with the punches as true pros in your business. The training database was not ready, [but] you were ready with plan “b” without skipping a beat (use UAT). Thank you!

Mel D.