Implementing a Strategic Plan

Unlocking Your Company’s Potential with Expert Strategic Planning Guidance

As a seasoned small business founder and owner, I bring firsthand experience and proven strategies to help companies identify and implement effective strategic plans. Through personalized consultation and hands-on guidance, I work closely with businesses to assess their current standing, define clear objectives, and develop actionable roadmaps for success. Whether it’s refining your market positioning, optimizing operational processes, or fostering growth opportunities, my services empower organizations to navigate challenges with confidence and achieve sustainable growth.

Let’s collaborate to propel your company forward and realize its full potential.

Listed below is a sample roadmap of working sessions that help your company identify a strategic plan, and the ability to implement it.  All topics are applicable for starting/growing companies and are meant to be completed within a 3 to 6 month period. Sessions are done remotely with Jill, the CEO/Founder and COO (or your leadership designee responsible for integrating the vision of the company throughout the company). Generally speaking, each working session is 2 hours.

1.    Strategic Planning – One Page Strategic Plan.  This session will review the 4 Decisions critical to grow a company profitably: People, Strategy, Execution and Cash. Using a strategic plan template, each company will set annual and quarterly priorities for their company during these sessions and learn best practices to implement a strategic plan.Weeks 1-3
2.    Functional Accountabilities. This session is about identifying accountabilities for key functions of your company. Complete a Functional Accountability Chart (FACe) for your company. Establish 1-2 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for each function of the company and identify who is accountable for the KPI.Week 4
3.    Job Scorecards. This session is about learning what job scorecards are and creating a job scorecard for one (1) position in your company (as an example) and provide feedback/guidance for additional scorecards required for your company.Week 5-6
4.    Executive Team Meeting Rhythms. This session will focus on the different meeting rhythms your company can adopt (dailies, weeklies, monthlies, quarterlies, and annual planning sessions). Learn about the different meeting rhythms, purpose of each, with standard meeting agendas.  Standard templates for meeting rhythms will be provided.Week 7
5.    Working session – review progress of completing above.Week 8
6.    Cash – Power of One and Cash Acceleration Strategies. This session is about how to improve cash flow in your company. Understand the 4 key cycles of your company that make up your cash conversion cycle and identify 1-4 ways to improve cash flow. Understand the 7 levers that can dramatically affect the cash flow in your company.Week 9
7.    Company Dashboard Key Performance Indicators. This session will focus on how to create a Company Dashboard to monitor the health of your company. Learn about the 6 different areas that your company should monitor, and sample KPIs that you could be tracking on an ongoing basis. Identify best practices to run your company with data/facts.Week 10
8.    StrengthFinders – Leading with Strengths. Using Gallup’s StrengthsFinder Assessment, learn about the 4 domains of leadership, and your individual strengths.  Understand what people look for in a leader, and how to lead with people’s strengths. Gain insight into your team’s strengths. (Pricing for each assessment is ~$50 per team member.)Week 11
9.    Recap / Close Out Meeting. Identify Next Steps.Week 12