Our Promise to You

As a trusted partner to many Fortune 500 life sciences companies, Lernia offers the full force of our team’s combined expertise, creativity, and drive to our clients. When you engage Lernia, you can expect:

  • Customized training solutions that go beyond the surface. We dig deep to understand what you and your organization need.
  • Comprehensive industry knowledge and a commitment to understanding your company’s culture – because we know there’s no one-size-fits-all solution.

Lernia Training Solutions offers many services that can help you effectively manage your training programs. 

Lernia Can:

  • Develop training strategies and manage training resources to meet your company-specific requirements
  • Design validated computer training courses based on critical department processes and standard operating procedures
  • Conduct high level and well-prepared international computer training sessions
  • Collaborate with you to understand the training requirements of your organization
  • Provide project management oversight to ensure that key milestones and objectives are met.

Our Services

A successful business process implementation requires your employees to become familiar with, and capable of managing, the process as well as their roles and responsibilities within the process. Your employees must be able to comprehend the interrelated changes that occur throughout your company and the impact these changes will have on their jobs.

Lernia Training Solutions offers support in the following key areas of business process training:

  • Business Process Mapping
    We work with key project team members and subject matter experts at different levels to design and co-facilitate working sessions. These business process maps are leveraged as part of the core content we use to develop your training materials.
  • Communication Strategy
    We partner with key stakeholders and business teams to construct messages and to ensure the appropriate channels are used to reach your target audiences.
  • Training Development and Delivery
    For the initial implementation and ongoing needs, we develop and deliver customized, role-based training for your target audiences.

Pharmaceutical employees utilize software in their daily course of business. Lernia Training Solutions’ customized training programs are based on tailoring software applications to your company’s business processes. Our approach reduces your implementation time by eliminating the need to train employees twice – once on the core system and again with configurations specific to your company. We enable your company to gain efficiencies in your software implementations by using a proven methodology that ensures new business processes and technology are taught together in training.

We offer combined support for business process implementations that include system application changes. When a new or upgraded technology solution is implemented, we develop, refine and execute a training strategy to reach your target audiences.

We focus on the effects that the new technology solution has on your end users. By participating during the IT development cycle, we are able to create custom training and an overall strategy that is aligned with your company’s technical environment and that promotes user adoption.

We provide the following training support:

  • “Defect” testing assistance with recommendations for targeted system functionality
  • Script execution assistance for user acceptance and performance qualification testing
  • User acceptance training for UAT staff (testers) on the execution of UAT
  • Facilitation of usability sessions (focus groups)
  • Management of scenario data in the training environment to support role-specific process and applications training
  • Creation of role-based training that integrates business process information and IT-specific requirements, such as computer functionality

Compliance training in the life sciences industry doesn’t have to be the regulatory “elephant” in the room. Lernia Training Solutions has helped many companies, including some of the Fortune 500 Life Sciences companies, with their largest and most complex compliance challenges. Our customized compliance training solution begins with an assessment of your company’s performance goals, related processes and the learning needs of your target audiences. Our compliance training spans from basic “Read and Test” understanding of your company’s SOPs to in-depth SOP Training. We know that compliance to your company’s SOPs is critical. Our training approach ensures that your employees are aware, understand and follow your SOPs – reducing your regulatory risk as a company.  By partnering with key people at different levels, including compliance, subject matter experts and functional champions, we capture the complexities of real-life scenarios to help your employees learn how to apply the compliance challenges they may experience on the job. 

Lernia can create and deliver Instructor-Led courses on your organization’s most complex topics.  Our trainers excel at breaking down and explaining complicated concepts and system functionality to all audience levels, from your most senior employees to new hires. 

We deliver high quality training to your employees through:

  • Teaching system functionality and the related business processes
  • Conducting Train the Trainer and knowledge transfer sessions, partnering with your trainers to deliver high quality training sessions
  • Training New Hires
  • Ensuring training effectiveness through the use of training metrics

We create audience-appropriate, written training documentation for your company by:

  • Working with your subject matter experts to design the required training materials:
    • User manuals
    • Instructor/facilitator manuals
    • Reference materials
    • Data handling guidelines
    • Job aids
    • Quick reference guides
  • Developing training outlines with appropriate version control and document management guidelines
  • Designing training materials in a clear and concise format that is appropriate for all employee levels

Throughout all stages of a project, it is vital to identify and manage scope parameters and risks, and to plan for contingencies as early as possible. Lernia Training Solutions helps your company create a comprehensive strategy that ensures the training program achieves your goals—on time and within budget.

Our services include the following key training strategy components:

  • Impacted business systems and processes
  • Key business triggers that may affect the implementation of the training strategy
  • Project scope, potential risks and assumptions
  • Preliminary training budget
  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Changes to user job roles and responsibilities
  • Principles for training on a validated system
  • Communication strategy
  • Training delivery resource risks and constraints
  • Evaluation of training effectiveness
  • Assessment of the ongoing training’s impact based on your long-term goals and resources

Lernia’s approach to project managing ensures that your training initiative is delivered on time, in budget and within scope.  Lernia can handle the details of your training implementation, or we can work with your other systems integration vendors to manage the training program project.  We will work with members of your project team to ensure training occurs within the development timeline by: 

  • Managing expectations related to the technological dependencies in the implementation plan
  • Overseeing the timing of all training activities to minimize impact on project timelines and deliverables
  • Coordinating all training logistics, such as identification of training rooms, scheduling attendees and tracking attendance
  • Ensuring the use of proper training delivery and evaluation methods
  • Managing the expectations of resources by assessing required skill sets for a given project
  • Identifying trainers with the appropriate experience and training background
  • Establishing training tools and a development process using proven methodologies

Lernia designs and develops dynamic and customized eLearning courses to meet any budget.  All of our SCORM and AICC compliant courses are programmed to run seamlessly on any Learning Management System.  Our interactive courses engage your employees through lesson knowledge checks, process scenarios and scored assessments. 

We use the leading industry tools and applications to ensure your training is state of the art, practical, and user-focused.  Our eLearning approach pays strict attention to detail, focuses on results, and ensures our clients’ maximize their return on investment.The complexity, interactivity, and customization of each eLearning course will vary according to the appropriate level identified through consultation with our clients.

Lernia understands that the success of a corporate initiative is driven by effective communication. At Lernia Training Solutions, we specialize in managing and effecting lasting change. Using proven tools and methodologies in the life sciences industry, we develop change management and communication strategies that gain employee buy-in – and drive your employees to take the actions you desire to support change.

Lernia works with you to develop customized strategies that can include guiding principles, objectives, key stakeholder/audience identification, key message framework, media plan and timeline, and others. We also have the expertise to develop the communications. We are here to help your organization with its most complex change management initiatives.