My name is Jill Huentelman and I am an entrepreneur and stained glass artist.

Over twenty years ago, I founded a company Lernia Training Solutions, an education company catered to the corporate world. I successfully grew that business, offering training solutions for compliance and IT topics for the pharmaceutical, medical device and biotech industries. But after 18 years, I found myself wanting something different.

I went through a journey of deliberately downsizing my company, and spending a few years figuring out my next step. I had always loved stained glass as a hobby, and in 2016, I rented a room above an art gallery (Gallery 222 in Malvern, PA) and finally had the room to explore my creative side. That blossomed into Huentelglas, where I create stained glass panels, windows and one of a kind gifts.

And as my creative side flourished, so did my entrepreneurial side. I became a certified Scaling Up coach, and started to coach CEO’s and their leadership teams on how to create and implement a strategic plan, and the execution disciplines that growing organizations need to thrive. I found myself working with marketing companies, a toy manufacturer, and non-profits that were looking for ways to improve their businesses as their organizations grew. And, I loved it.

Lernia has slowly changed — but, my path is clear. My personal and professional life are aligned, and I am here to help creative businesses bring beautiful things into this world through forming strategic planning and execution disciplines that work. It’s my passion, and like two sides of a coin, they are intrinsically linked.

I am lucky to spend 3-4 days a week helping small and mid size companies with strategic planning, and the other days with my other passion — stained glass (read about that here.)

Thanks for reading, and I hope we are able to learn more about one another!


P.S. My husband, John, started a record label (Winding Way Records) after 30 years successfully running an industrial automation repair service company. Check out his journey here!

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